NHL Cup Rulebook


We ask all the teams and players to read the rulebook. The requirement is that all participating teams’ captains are aware of the content of the rulebook.

Rules are important during the whole tournament. All the players must get info from their captains about the conduct of the tournament and its fairplay.

We will create a Discord group for the captains and tournament organizers where you can contact your opponents and get help if needed.

Participating in the tournament

Player requirements

  • The maximum number of players in a team is 12

  • Roster lock is in 21.11.2022 23:59

  • Teams can change their roster during the matchup

By joining this tournament you accept, that official stream can use your player picture and your team’s logo in streaming and marketing.

Tournament format

  • Game: NHL 23

  • Platform:PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X

  • Quarterfinals and semifinals BO5, finals BO7


  • Quarterfinals 1 & 2: 24.11.

  • Quarterfinals 3 & 4: 25.11.

  • Semifinals: 26.11.

  • Finals: 27.11.


1st: 4 000 €
2nd: 1 000 €

Duties of team management

The team management (Captains and assistant captains) does represent entire team and is responsible for the following matters:

  • ensuring that team always follows the rules of the tournament

  • communicating with other captains and the league organizers on behalf of your own team

  • ensuring that the team follows the tournament schedule


Tournament organizers will give you the schedule for the tournament and the games will not be available for rescheduling due to the tight tournament schedule.

Tournament rules

  • Matches will be played in 6 vs. 6 private match mode

  • The teams will be playing regular BO5 matchup, higher seed starts at home.

  • All the matches except the final, will be BO5. The final will be BO7.

Starting fights is prohibited:

  • During the game

  • In faceoffs

  • After the break (during the game)

As an exception, the automatic fight challenge that comes from a big tackle is prohibited to accept.

If the fight will appear, players will not fight with eachother and the game will continue with faceoff

Equipment and stadium

  • The home team’s jerseys and helmets must be dark or bright color

  • The away team’s jerseys and helmets must be white or light in color.

  • The jersey numbers must stand out as much as possible from the jersey.

  • If the jerseys are too similar, the match must be restarted before the first faceoff and the away team must change jerseys.

  • The color of the goalposts should be red.

  • Too light-colored sticks (with tapings) are prohibited, Due to the difficulty of distinguishing the sticks against the white ice.

  • If you are unsure whether your stick is allowed, ask from organisers.

Depending on the reasons of being late for the match, the tournament organizers may judge the late team to have lost the game (not whole matchup).

Both teams may use a pause during the break. However, ”Pause” may not be used before the first faceoff of the match.

A team can leave the match during the first two minutes if there is a significant delay or high ping etc. in the game.

The match must be restarted if a player is eliminated from the match within the first two minutes or some other error occurs.

Goals scored in the first two minutes remain valid, even if the game is restarted due to a problem situation.

A player may not leave the game intentionally after the first two minutes.

Goals won’t be accepted if the player dribbles or if the game works incorrectly.

If the clock jumps back, the match must be restored to the state it was in when the error occurred (goals and penalties).

If a player drops out of the match after the first two minutes, proceed as follows:

  • The match is stopped at the next break and one player from each team takes down the necessary statistics.

  • Restart the match and let the clock run to the point when the player dropped.

  • The match is returned to the same state as before (goals and penalties).

  • Alternatively, the teams can also agree on an alternative procedure.

  • Finally, the pieces of the two matches will be handled together and reported as one match.

In case of dispute, the problem situation will be handled with the tournament organizers.

The tournament organizer reserves the right to change the rules.

Fair play

”Fair play” is the most important rule of the tournament. ”Fair play” generally means treating your opponent as you would like to be treated. This includes communication between players, but also all activities directly or indirectly related to the game. Below are a few examples of what avoid to comply with this rule:

  • Do not use offensive language.

  • Don’t take advantage of game mechanics or bugs in an unfair way (e.g. don’t use bugs that affect player statistics or break the game or similar).

  • Do not disturb your opponents playing (e.g. do not spam them with messages, call them during the game, etc.). 

  • The teams are expected to put their full effort into the games.

Blocking an opposing player

What is not allowed?

  • The goalkeeper must not leave his goal to try to block an opponent’s player.

  • Obstructing the opponent’s skating line clearly, actively and intentionally, such as:

  • Actively pushing or skating towards an opponent without a puck, clearly with the intention of blocking.

  • Using the R1 stick defense in a clearly unfair way, both against an opponent without the puck and with the puck, for example by preventing his movement by wrapping the stick/hand around his armpit/in front of his body without trying to aim for the puck at the same time.

What is allowed?

  • Try to hit the puck with the stick while holding down the R1 key.

  • Staying in front of the opponent when skating towards the loose puck.

  • Defending the passing line.

  • Protecting an advantage brought by an already achieved body position, also for example by starting to slide or otherwise slowing down your own speed, forcing the opponent to change his skating line and go around your player so you don’t have to dodge the opponent.

As a rule of thumb, you should keep one idea in mind: don’t act in a way that you think should be whistled in situations where the game doesn’t recognize it incorrectly. On the other hand, the reaction speed must also be taken into account: sometimes the situations described above happen accidentally for a short time.


We are going to broadcast every single matchup and game during the tournament.

Pre-arranged game days:

  • 24.11.

  • 25.11.

  • 26.11.

  • 27.11.

To ensure the success of the broadcasts, the tournament organizer reserves the right to determine the game dates of the match series. For this reason, we recommend especially the teams advancing to the last rounds to book the above days from the calendar as game days. The broadcasts follows two pairs of matches, one of which starts around 19:00–20:30 and the other ASAP.

In order to organize broadcasts, we require teams to follow these instructions:

  • Each team’s contact person must be available for contacting in Discord group

  • The team must be able to stream the matches on Twitch in at least 720p/60 resolution (alternatively, YouTube is allowed).

  • Nothing extra may be added to the shipment intended for production.

    Teams in match pairs must have some extra time in their schedule to allow them to delay their games (for example, if the previously played match goes to overtime)

  • Replays must not be skipped

  • Menu music and narration must be turned off

  • Colored player indicators must be used for both teams.

  • Failure to comply with the above rules may result in disciplinary action

Protests and maintenance of the tournament

All protests regarding the results of the matches must be made immediately after the end of the game. Protests made more than 10 minutes after the end of the match will not be taken into account.

Tournament maintenance hosts the tournament, enforces rules, investigates potential rule violations, and resolves disputes between players and teams. Violation of the rules will result in penalties that include:

  • Warnings

  • Bans

  • Reduction of prize amount

  • One game loss

  • One match series loss

  • Removing a player or team from a tournament

The maintenance can be contacted from the tournament’s Discord group or contacting tournament organizers by PM.

Social media

When posting about your lineups, matches, recaps, clips, articles – or other content related to the tournament on Twitter – please tag @esportsfinland. The official tournament hashtag is #felnhl.